Kat-theren Apel

“We are visiting the author Kathryn apel”

“What”Where visiting a cat named Apel”?¿!

“NOOOOO”Kathryn Apel”. “Oh oops”

Kathryn Apel is a famous author. Her most famous book is bully on the bus. She is a poet but writes fiction texts for children which is called a verse poem. Here is a short little biography:


Here are some links: katwhiskers , UQP , AustralianChildren.

She also writes on her pages in shapes. Like this:






Today we are going to throw our planes so hard the air will disappear in the path of our plane. Exactly like the wrold record holding paper plane. Here is the link:Wroldrecordpaperplaneholderchat

I predict that my first plane will glide for longer and have a shorter distance. My second plane will go farther but stay in the air not as long.

THE DISTANCE AND THE TIME ALOFT ARE…. to be continued, stay tuned for the plane results.






321 go… Oh an act? Oops

Gimmie me yo lunch. Hey leave him alone our I will get the teacher. Today two performers came to our school. A two person act. The meaning behind the act was bullying isn’t nice. The 4 characters (Dee Dee, Dunc, Kimbo and Kane). Dee Dee and Kane were the main two bullies. But Dee Dee realised what she did wrong. Kane cheated to do everything. In the end, they all got along.






Disasters everywhere!


Today was the grade 4s earth xpo. This is for the parents to see what we did this term. And I was doing tectonic plates. My mum and sister came to.


My success was that I had confidence at the start. I also had good eye contact. I could change a few sentences. But as I went on I lost confidence. I would like to add in some more models and delete a few sentences.